*********Registration is closed for this course***********



Beginning August 30th, on the New Harvest Moon, we will gather in sacred community to deepen our relationship with the unseen realms within and all around us. 

The ceremony to close our circle will occur on the Full Hunter Moon on October 13, having moved through two moon cycles together.

In these six week, we will travel deep within our own stories, we will gather our magical support team, and we will face the fire of standing in our true power. 

This course is based in nature and the cycles of nature. We will model our work after the work done by the sun and moon as they shape the reality of our life here on Earth. 

This course is a virtual course, meaning that it will occur in an online format. If you happen to live within driving distance of the Sacred Grove in Dover, PA, there will be an opening gathering and a closing ceremony available to attend in person as well. 

Every week you will receive an email and/or Facebook message in a private Facebook group. This video message will offer the teaching and the exercises for the week. I will be available to you via email and on Facebook to facilitate your process and support you on your journey. Additional support is available via phone or in person for an additional fee. 

Investment for this course is approximately 2 hours per week of your time, between watching videos, interacting in the online group, and doing exercises and journaling. Your financial investment is $100 or $20/week if paid weekly.  Payments are accepted through PayPal

To arrange for the weekly payment option, please reach out to me at therebelherbalist@gmail.com 

Thank you for inviting me into your world of magic. I can't wait to see what we discover, together.