Colorful Flowers

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Finding Your Plant Ally

This course offers several resources to help you get started learning the plants that are growing around you. From identification resources to practices for listening to the voices of the plants, you will gather tools to open yourself to relationship with your plant ally.

Into The Fire

Welcome to the Fire


The huge sensation that we feel when we are angry, nervous, excited, etc is truly the sensation of life force pouring into us for our use. Because we have not learned how to recognize this vital force as the raw power that it is, we often default to old patterns of behavior to try and vent this energy. By coming into relationship with this inner fire, we are able to alchemize this life force to serve our will rather than to be hijacked by the incoming energies.


Join us at the fire and become a fire keeper.

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Getting Started with Herbs


This course is the first in a series to introduce the world of plants for medicine and magic.

In this course, we begin with learning the basic language of herbalism, defining terms related to herbal products and preparations. This is most often the way we that begin our herbalism journey, by creating relationship with plants through ritual or tea or a tincture. Learn more about these preparations and practices in this hour long class, and receive a workbook to help deepen your study.

Cerridwen's Grove Collective

Find courses by other teachers of magic, herbalism, and intentional living at the Collective. 

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