Amrit is a sanskrit word that translates as immortal, and a honeyed liquid by this name  is used in the Sikh religion as a nectar of Divine sweetness. This oil is prepared carefully and with the intention of being used to imbue the body with the sacred glow that nectar imbues to flowers, a sweet and delightful attractiveness. Sensuality. Magnetism. Radiant beauty. 


This oil begins with a base of organic sunflower seed oil and olive oil. Within these cold pressed oils, the leaves and flowers of many plants are left to steep slowly for 6 weeks as they release their medicines.

Damiana flower lends fragrance and is long said to be an aphrodisiac. Lavender is calming and soothing, while also strengthening. 

Chamomile is calming and toning. 

Self heal, comfrey and plantain leaves and flowers add nutrients and are considered vulneraries meaning that they will help to heal broken or inflamed areas of the skin. 

Mugwort and rosemary leaf and flower enhance circulation and bring warmth to the skin, generating the glow of vitality. 

Lastly, the essential oil of Neroli, or orange blossoms, is added. Neroli oil is the essence of the flowers of the bitter orange tree. Besides the intoxicating scent of neroli, the properties of this oil are also healing and regenerative to the skin, reducing redness and inflammation. It is also considered to be aphrodisiac. This oil was prized in the ancient world, being used as an incense in ancient Egypt. 


After six weeks, the plant materials are strained out and the infused oil remains. This oil can be used in massage, for Abhyanga which is the Ayurvedic practice of body oiling for health, and also as a soothing oil for eczema, dryness, rashes, or as an intimate lubricant.


*These statements are not approved by the Food & Drug Administration and are meant for informational purposes only, not to diagnose or treat any disease. Please discuss use of herbal medicines with your medical provider. 

Amrit Body Oil