Humans have anointned themselves and others with sacred oils for thousands of years (at least!) 


The act of anointing the foreheard, the heart, the feet, the hands or any other energy center opens them to receive the blessings of Divine love, as well as opening these centers to be channels for those blessings to flow into our work and into the world around us.


You can also use this oil to anoint candles and other sacred objects to help sanctify and purify the objects to hold your intentions and for magical workings. 


This Anointing Oil is made from steeping sage leaves and flowers, pink primrose flowers, blue hyssop flowers, lavender flowers and frankincense resin in the oils of olive and sunflowers. Frankincense essential oil is added at the end to further elevate the vibration of this already potent oil. 


This Anointing Oil will also be used in ceremony with the Cerridwen's Grove Moon Weaver Gatherings. 


Anointing Oil