This potent blend of clay and salt and charcoal powder opens the pores to release toxins and to drink in the minerals we are so often lacking. The botanical allies of Sweet Annie, Nasturtium, Calendula, Lavender, Rose, Mugwort and Dragon's Blood Resin offer our skin softening and releasing while inviting our mind and spirit to open to worlds beyond the seen. The essential oils of Juniper, Vetiver, Rosemary and Neroli conjure the image of leaves decomposing on the forest floor, with the hint of sensual floral enchantment. This bath soak opens a portal between the physical body and the elements, between the stress of daily living and the relaxation of the bath, and between the rational mind and the enchantment mind that remembers magic. The bath water will turn a dark purplish grey with botanical allies dancing across the surface, making it perfect for scrying. The charcoal powder will leave a bit of a black residue on the tub walls, but is easy to wipe away. Add one to two  tablespoons of the bath soak to a full tub of water and enter another world. 

Ashes to Ashes Bath Soak