Cold processed bar soaps made from the saponification of fats using lye is an ancient process. This process creates a sudsing bar of hydrating and cleansing oils that are nourishing and healing to the skin even as they cleanse. Unlike modern sopas that have alcohols and preservatives that are drying and damaging to the skin, cold-processed soaps are gentle and healing to our body’s largest organ.


Our Lavender & Rose cold-processed soap is made with the organic oils of coconut, olive and sustainably harvested palm. These oils are warmed and then hydrated lye is added. The reaction “saponifies” the oils, making them the sudsy, cleansing bars that we know and love. Pure essential oil of lavender is added at the very last step, along with hand-picked lavender and rose petals. 


This soap has no preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no hormone disruptors. Only gentle, healing and cleansing ingredients to nourish your skin. 


*These statements have not been reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration and are meant for informational purposes only, not to treat or diagnose any disease or condition. Always talk with your medical provider about the use of herbal products.

Lavender & Rose Soap