I received my 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training with

Create Karma in Lancaster. Yoga is an ancient practice that attunes the body, mind and spirit to resonate with Life itself, allowing the human potential to emerge like a seed and to bloom into ta fully realized human, living a joyful and service-oriented life. 

My yoga practice is filled with the energy of the seasons, the stars, sun and moon, the plants and animals around us. I draw inspiration from the ancient Celtic and pan-European indigenous traditions. Yoga, for me, is a celebration of the miracle of being alive in a human body while bowing to the infinite being within. 

Spiritual Direction

The ancient practice of Spiritual Direction creates the container of safety and holiness that facilitates deep connection to the essential self, and the divine. Sitting together, steeped in the sacrament of presence, everything is possible.

I received my training as a Spiritual Director through Oasis Ministries in 2012. 

I see myself as a vitalist, a term I learned from Sajah Popham, my main teacher in herbalism. A vitalist is someone who is trained to see the radiance of vitality, to know how it moves through the body, and to see how it may be impeded leading to imbalance and disease.

Based on physical assessment, lifetsyle analysis, intuition and deep listening, I will help you unravel your story to find the places where you are stuck. The plants are like the guides in the old stories, the old wise one that the traveler meets on the roadway when lost. They will help us to guide your vitality back into harmony, and to guide your spirit on the great adventure of life. 

Workshop Facilitation


In partnership with the Pachamama Alliance, and a team of local volunteers, we can bring the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium to your church, community group or place of business. This workshop is always completely free.