Welcome to Our Apothecary Shop

For now, our Apothecary is an online space here in the cyberforest. We look forward to the day when we can open our brick and mortar Apothecary as a place for people to learn, heal, teach, tell their stories, pick up some plant medicine, and make life-changing relationships. Until then, we are glad you found us out here in the wilds of the interwebs.

All of the products listed in our shop are created here at the Sacred Grove from plants that we harvest and forage from this land. Any plant material that is not harvested here will be noted in the description.

We know that plant medicine is new to many people (although the practice is as old as time and shared among all species on the planet). We offer written education with each order, and classes to help spread the knowledge of plant medicine, the people's medicine. Feel free to reach out with your questions at therebelherbalist@gmail.com 

Antique store on Main street in Frederic

Topical Preparations

Herbal Tinctures

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