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Meditation by the sea

Bringing Yoga to You

The Wandering Yogis

Starting in our Yoga journey can be intimidating. Learning the names of all of the poses, the stretchy clothes, the chanting. It can be a lot to take in. The Wandering Yogis will bring the experience of Yoga to you and a few friends. Tell us about what you are looking for, and we can customize a class for you. Yoga for a bridal shower? Yoga for a girls night? Yoga in the hair salon where you work? Yoga at the State Park? At the beach? In your living room? Yoga EVERYWHERE!


Starter Yoga Packages

Girls Night In

Gather 3-5 friends, bring your mats, and choose a vibe for your class! Maybe it's a 90's playlist with lots of fun flowing poses to get up energy and bring the fun! Maybe it's a soothing playlist with lavender essential oils and some Reiki treatments thrown in to be extra calming. Whatever you and your tribe are craving, we can craft it for you!

Girls' Night Out

Deepening the Journey

Maybe you are already Yogis and you and your friends are looking to deepen your practice. We can design a handstand workshop, a breathwork class, a meditation workshop, a sequencing workshop for achieving your dream pose, whatever it is that you are craving to deepen your practice.

Meditation Class

Team Building

The practice of Yoga is about connection. Yoga is a sanskrit word that means Union. In our Yoga inspired team building workshops we use tools of mindfulness, movement, self inquiry and fun to create an atmosphere of trust and a platform for problem solving in a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Similing Team

Want to learn more about designing a Yoga package just for you? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Meet the Yogis

"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien


Charlotte Droege


Hi! I’m Charlotte: yoga teacher and student, artist-creator, and business leader. My purpose and passion is to lift others up by creating space centered around yoga (mind, body, spirit asana or movement), art and play. I first fell in love with yoga in a Penn State York kinetics requirement! There I found a sacred space on my mat where I could be myself and honor my body, mind and spirit and release all expectations of myself and others. This love continued after college and through my first pregnancy, with my oldest son, Isaac, as I found great comfort in my changing body through prenatal yoga. After Isaac was born I forgot about yoga as motherhood consumed me. I reconnected with fitness right away as I was preparing my body to look “great once again” for my wedding following his birth – doing spin classes, Bodypump resistance training (even going for that certification!) and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). My body was strong but also very stressed. Once again I turned to yoga. By this time I had forgotten myself and my passions and thought I had no purpose. Practice yoga allowed me to find great peace, physical and mental strength, and spirituality – on and off my mat. Dedicating the time to move and honor mind, body and spirit has changed my life, in so many ways, and I want to share that same experience with others. Through yoga we slow down, open up, stretch and move – with focus and intention on breath – creating our own unique experiences. I hope you find peace, awareness and joy! Namaste!


Erin Shrader


One of my first memories occurs around age of four. I am on the swing set in our backyard in the hour just before sunset. I feel the breeze on my sticky summer skin and watch the last golden rays of sun dancing on the treetops. Suddenly a sense of deep recognition fills me. It feels like home. Like belonging, and peace, and incredible joy. Like a deep exhilarating sigh

through my whole being.

For the rest of my life, I have been finding ways to re-experience the magic of that moment and to help others have that experience. I have come to understand that I was resting in our true and eternal nature in those precious moments. As a spiritual director, yoga teacher, registered nurse, mother, wife and friend, I find ways to move in the world that help us all to experience the homecoming and the joy of our true nature.

I have also had many experiences of feeling deeply exiled from this joy, what has been termed the Dark Night of the Soul, or Spiritual Crisis. Even in those times, when I had no felt sense of the Holiness of my nature, I blessedly carried the memory of my child self and drew hope from it like an amulet.

It is my great joy in this world to aid others in accessing their own experience of deep joy, peace and belonging. My work is to help you create your amulet, something to hold when the darkness sweeps through, as it inevitably does in this Earth life. One of my favorite quotes from Ram Dass captures my work exceptionally well: “We are all just walking each other home.”

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