Meet Erin

The Rebel Herbalist

Resumes seem to be the way the world understands education and experience, so who am I to argue? I invite you to check out my resume here

I love my work as a nurse, as a non-profit volunteer, as an herbalist and mother and steward of this land. I deeply enjoy geneolgoy work, and have discovered such interesting stories about the lives of my ancetors and the tapestry of stories that hold all of us in relationship to one another and the world. 

I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers, and there are so many. I am sure there will be many more. 

To anyone who considers me a teacher, I am grateful for your trust and companionship. You are certainly a teacher to me, too.

Through all of my work as a nurse and healer, and in my personal life, I have found that our true resilience and strength don't come from what we have as an individual, but from how we belong to each other. We heal when we feel seen, appreciated, supported and loved. When these needs are met, we can offer healing and wholeness to others. 

I hope that my work will help us belong to ourselves, to one another, and to the world around us.