In the Shamanic Worldview, we enter through a door or opening in the Earth to experience the consciousness of our animal, mineral, plant and spirit families. 

I imagine this place as a Sacred Grove, a gathering place in the shelter of the trees, where we hold space for a journey back into Life. We are vigilant and compassionate with each other as we take our journeys, encounter the spirits all around us, and reimagine who we might be if we allow our reality to be bigger than the one we were trained to see. 

Here in the Sacred Grove, my hope is that you encounter friends and allies who offer you strength and a sense of true belonging as we all remember what it means to be a human being on Earth. 

My offering, as the Rebel Herbalist, is to create a space  where we are free to imagine and remember and create. I offer education, stories, workshops, healing circles, and plant medicines. Check back often as my offerings are constantly changing and evolving, just like everything does. 

All of the products that we sell in the shop are created from plants growing here at the Sacred Grove in Dover, Pennsylvania or wildcrafted in our bioregion.