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Located in the hills of Dover, Pennsylvania, the Sacred Grove is the home of Eryn Shrader and her family.

The Sacred Grove is on unceded Indigenous Land, including the traditional homelands of the Susquehannock/Conestoga, Seneca and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Leni Lenape, and Shawnee Nations. We seek to honor the ongoing connections of these people to the lands we now call home, and to understand our place in the ongoing life of this land and all of the human and more-than-human beings who call it home. 

After years of working as a Registered Nurse, Eryn began focusing on herbal medicine in 2013. She left her job as a hospital nurse in 2015 with the birth of her son, and has devoted herself to the path of holistic healing. Eryn's work  is a fusion of herbalism, nursing, spiritual direction, Druid monastacism and holistic studies. She seeks to bring comfort and healing to people, plants, animals and the planet. 

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