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Appointments are available in person at Symmetry Holistic Collective in the Market District of Downtown York, PA, via phone or online via Zoom. 

In many ways plants are our elders, our mentors, our teachers and healers. They came before us and created the conditions for life on Earth to flourish. They are our medicine, our shelter, our clothing, our nourishment, and they offer us the gift of hope and healing with their beauty. 

In Intuitive Herbalism Sessions, Erys will guide you into deeper relationship with plants who are balancing and supportive to your particular inner-ecosystem.

Erys may suggest tinctures, teas, meditations, rituals and more as ways to work with the plant's healing essence. 

The first session is up to 90 minutes, as there is much ground to cover as we explore your inner landscape. Follow up sessions are each an hour, and much of the follow up can occur via phone or email. 

Although Erys is trained as a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist, Intuitive Herbalism keeps YOU in the center of the healing work. You are the expert on your ecosystem. You know best, and you will know if a suggestion is right or wrong for you. Your sovereignty and ability to heal are paramount to this work. 

Feel free to contact Erys with questions using the chat feature to your right, or book at the button below. 

Yellow Flowers

Tending to the soul and the spiritual life is a sacred duty and an ancient practice. The Celts called this type of deep companionship Anam Cara, which means Soul Friend. In a Soul Care Session, also known as Spiritual Direction, Erys will listen deeply with you to untangle the threads of how the life of the Spirit and Soul are weaving through your day to day life. 

Through dream interpretation, examining symbols and synchronicities, journaling, ritual, art and more, Erys will companion you as you make meaning and find direction and purpose, while feeling held and supporting by a living and sentient universe. 

Erys is an interfaith spiritual director and is open to sitting with people of any, all, or no faith backgrounds. Feel free to ask your questions in the chat to your right, or schedule at the button below. 

Pink Lotus Flower

Reiki is a word used for the ancient and universal practice of using our hands to send comfort and healing. During a Reiki session, Erys will gently place her hands on your fully clothed body, while calming music plays softly in the background. Erys may use essential oils, drumming, chimes, rattles, crystals and more in your Reiki session, with your consent.

Reiki has been shown to provide stress relief, relaxation, to aide in healing and to promote restful sleep.

Feel free to ask your questions with the chat feature to your right, or schedule at the button below. 


Throughout time, humans have formulated many methods for divining the future. From reading entrails to casting bones, counting birds and scrying darkened waters, we have developed many ways to practice divination. 

Tarot and Oracle reading have become a popular, easy and effective method for discerning meaning and finding the path forward. Erys has been reading Tarot for more than twenty-five years. She will not tell you anything that you don't already know, but she will help you see the situation with more clarity and a broader perspective. 

Erys does not believe that the future is predictable, but is created in every moment. Tarot and Oracle can help us get a sense of the future we are choosing by the actions we are taking today. Feel free to ask your questions with the chat button to your right, or schedule at the button below. 

Tarot Card Deck

Marking the events of the wheel of life deepens the meaning and sacredness we experience in our days. Erys is honored to help craft rituals and facilitate the celebration of births, deaths, handfastings or weddings, home blessings, land blessings, the end of relationships, transitions into adulthood and many other major life events. 

Prices and details vary based on the needs of the client. Please reach out to start the conversation using the chat box to your right. 

Wedding Table Setup