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Damiana, Turnera diffusa, is a small shrub native to the southern US, Mexico, Central and South America. The leaves are beautifully aromatic and make a delicious tea, tincture, incense and body oil.


Damiana is a relaxing nervine, meaning that it helps the nervous system to unwind and is mildly sedating. It also helps the nervous system to manage stress, offering a state of joy and contentment. It has been said to help amplify sexual arousal and to dilate our aperture for pleasure. I have found this herb especially helpful in balancing deep feelings of grief, softening the rough edges and allowing the grief process to unfold gently and be filled with the love that precedes grief. Recommended use is 10 drops to 1 dropperful 1-3 times daily as needed.



This tincture is made with organic cane alcohol, and comes in 1oz amber dropper bottles.


If you are looking for an herbal medicine that is native to the Americas, sustainably harvested (my source is Mountain Rose Herbs) and helps to ease the stress of grief and nervous system overwhelm, you may want to give Damiana a try. 


*These statements are not reviewed by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. Please review the use of this and all herbal supplements with your healthcare provider.

Damiana Tincture

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