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The term elf shot was used in medieval texts to describe shooting pains within the body, thought to be caused by eleven arrows invisibly piercing us.

This tincture was formulated to ease body pain. Containing anti-inflammatory herbs like cat's claw bark and turmeric, as well as diffusive herbs that increase blood flow like ginger, and nerve soothing and repairing herbs like oat straw, this formula addresses our pain in multiple different ways.

Additionally, each bottle contains a few drops of moonflower essence to help us shift our perspective, open to new perceptions and see our pain in a different way. This particular moonflower essence was created overnight under a full moon.

Be warned that this remedy is bright yellow due to the presence of turmeric, and can stain fabric and surfaces.

These statements are not reviewed by the FDA, and this product is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses. Please review the use of herbal medicines with your health care provider.

Decanted on the autumnal equinox, this remedy also carries the energy of balance and the fruitful harvest of all the work we've put into our healing.

Elfshot Remedy

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