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Stinging Nettles, Urtica dioica, is a prolific spring green here in the Grove. Like poison ivy, nettles offers us mindfulness medicine. If we aren't careful, she will give us a nice stinging rash as a reminder to stay present in the now, attentive to our surroundings.


Nettles are one of the most nutrient dense plants available. The tincture of nettles is an overall tonic, adaptogenic, and especially useful for seasonal allergies. I find that when I regularly ingest nettles my skin glows, my nails grow strong and my hair shines.  I also experience more energy, an uplifted mood, and greater stamina. 


*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. Please refer to your medical provider with questions. 





Nettles Tincture

  • Fresh leaves in Everclear bottled in 1 ounce amber glass dropper bottles. 


    I generally start any tincture with 5-10 drops in a bit of water. Wait 15 minutes and see how you feel. You can take another 5-10 drops in water every 15 minutes until you feel the effects of the tincture in your body. Keep track of how many drops you have taken before you notice the effects, this is your body's dose of the tincture. 


    This tincture is safe to take three or four times daily or just once in awhile as needed. 

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