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Elixirs are preserved in brandy and sweetened with fruit and local honey from Gingerich Apiary in Dover, PA. 


This elixir is created to sustain the energy required to bring in the harvest. This time of year is so busy and requires that we keep our reserves high so that we can accomplish all that is required of us. 


Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that support the nervous system and help us to build resilience to stress. Adaptogenic nettles seed and holy basil make the base of this elixir, along with cooling peach leaves, wisdom bearing mugwort, nourishing nasturtium flower, graceful starflower, centering self-heal and wild blackberries steeped in brandy and sweetened with local honey.


This elixir is also part of the Cerridwen's Grove Bundle, and will be used during our August Ritual. 

Vitality Elixir

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