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One of my teachers, Sajah Popham, describes Wood Betony as an herb for "solar plexus deficiency." What does he mean by that? 


The solar plexus is the seat of digestion, the "gut instincts," the sense of self and willpower. People who are weak in this area, tend to feel ungrounded, with their energy always moving up and out into thinking and daydreaming and worrying. Wood Betony helps us to feel strong in our self. It aids digestion, calms the nervous system (with a special affinity for easing neck pain), and fills us up with our own sense of self so that we are not so easily pushed around by the energies outside of us. 


This plant is also especially helpful for headache sufferers, especially those whose headaches are connected to stress and digestion. 


The beneficialy effects of Wood Betony are gentle and tend to develop more fully over time. 


*These statements are not reviewed by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Please share your use of herbal medicines with your healthcare provider. 

Wood Betony Tincture

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