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Let's Dance!

The whole point of the dancing, is the dance. ~Alan Watts

Here we are. Where is that, you might ask? Well, here of course. Have a look around. What is that you are sitting on? Or standing on? How are those feet holding up today? Has that ache in your back gotten any better? Are your shoulders more relaxed today? Yes. Here we are.

Here, this particular moment, one experience in a long string of moments connected by breath. We call this life. We call this being human, being alive. We arrive here miraculously from God knows where, a little pink formless blob, completely dependent on the benevolence of strangers. We have no language, we have no mode of locomotion, we are less equipped than an amoeba for life on Earth. And we grow, through the grace of those strangers who have become loyal and capable caregivers, we grow into a child. Full of wonderment and joy, we finally get to experience the full miracle of this incredible place called Earth! The trees! The flowers! The puddles! Oh it's Heaven! But no, you must not climb that high! You must not get stung by a bee! You must not get your new shoes muddy! No no...look but don't touch. Heaven is not for you.

And we fall. We fall from the grace of the mystery of being a who-knows-what in on this spinning orb in space, full of questions and curiosity and wonder. And now we know better. We know the rules, how to please, how to be sane and safe and comfortable. And lifeless. The spark of magic that brought us here deeply hidden beneath layer after layer of protection.

We protect ourselves so much to arrive somewhere, right? We are trying to get somewhere safely. Some place where we can finally enjoy all of this hard work, right? Right? Please tell me that we are working so hard to get somewhere.....

Here. Yes, that's it. Here, in this moment, in the string of breaths that I call a life, in this dance to the music of the beating heart and rhythmic breathing. This moment is it, the place we have been getting to all along. Here at the edge of the tidal wave of existence that has been spilling forth since the Big Bang, we have arrived. Phew, what a journey.

Now that we're finally here, can you come out and play? Pretty please?

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