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The Magic of Moon Water

The Moon has been captivating the imagination of humans since the beginning of our time on this planet.

Her glowing face, swelling and shrinking predictably each month was our first measurement of time. Bones carved with the 28 days of the lunar cycle have been found all over the world in prehistoric human dwellings. The movement of the Moon around the Earth as we move around the Sun and hurtle through space is a predictable and comforting rhythm. The Moon moves with us through the signs of the zodiac, adding their power and energy to the Moon's presence.

The Moon's gravity also affects the movement of water on the Earth. When the Moon is full, the surface tension of water is less, meaning that water flows more easily making the tides higher, rivers run faster, and our own blood flow more freely if we are menstruating or injured.

The Moon is also captivating, making emotions run high (they are ruled by the element of water, too). This is the root of the word lunatic. The words menses and month also come from the word Moon.

Because the Moon is so powerful, people who live close to the land have been calling on her wisdom and asking for her help for millenia. One way that we can concentrate and gather the energy of the Moon is by making Moon Water.

If you have ever made flower essences, it's the same basic process. Instead of putting your water out under the Sun to gather the essence of the flowers, you are putting your water under the full Moon to gather the essence or vibratory signature of the Moon's light.

Here are the steps:

1. Use a glass or silver container to sit outside under the full Moon.

2. Fill the container with clean water. Living water is best (from a spring or rainwater) but any clean potable water will do.

3. Place the container with the water outside where it will be directly in the path of the full Moon's movement across the sky, I like to use a south facing area of my house.

4. You can place items within the water or around the bowl that symbolize the energy you are looking to amplify from this Moon's essence. For instance, this week's full Moon is in Libra, so I might put flowers or pink gemstones or an apple cut to expose the star of Venus around my bowl to amplify the energy of love, balance, justice and peace.

5. Once you have your items in place (if you choose to use them) place your hands over the water and feel the energy that you are looking to amplify. Feel it in your heart, moving down your arms, through your hands and into the water. This action itself charges the water, and will amplify the charge gathered from the Moon's light.

6. Some people cover the water to keep insects and other debris from getting inside. If you cover it, make sure that the lid is clear, or that the container is clear so the light can penetrate the water.

7. Set an alarm so that you can retrieve your Moon Water before the sun rises above the horizon. This part has been hard for me in the past.

That's it! Now you have Moon Water! This water can be added to your bath, made into a tea for drinking or a hair rinse, used to anoint candles or other sacred items, offered to medicinal plants to amplify their energy, and so much more! If you want to keep the Moon Water more than a day, it should be refrigerated. If you want to keep it more than a few days, you can add alcohol to stabilize it. I will take a small amount of the Moon Water and add an equal part of brandy or vodka and then this Moon Water remains potent indefinitely. I will have the Libran Pink Moon energy of spring, self love, new life and compassion available to me all year long.


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