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The Reveling Herbalist

I have grown weary of being a "rebel."

I'm tired of paddling so hard against the stream.

I'm tired of seeing the world around me as a place to push against.

I'm tired of being disappointed, provoked, enraged.

I'm tired of trying to change the world.

I'm going to change myself instead.

For now, I'm the Reveling Herbalist.

Like the hugely abundant bumbles rolling in the intoxication of nectar and pollen, I'll be focusing on exuberance and merriment.

I've pulled up anchor. Put the oars in the hold. I'm floating on the currents and drinking in the beauty.

May the currents bring sweetness and healing.

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You changed me… Forever... I may not be The World but you changed My Whole World. Without pushing. Without judgement. Just by allowing me to rest close to your heart and feel warm and loved again. Never with violence but with kindness and patience and trust. You have created a seat for yourself in my heart forever. I am positive you’ve changed many, many worlds this way. As a mother I will give you the warmest hug until you are whole again and as a sister, I will hop in your boat and join your new adventure.


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