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My walk into the dark is starting to bear fruit. There is treasure here. I have turned away from the dark, afraid of what I might find there, for most of my life. I used the dark as a canvas for my nightmares. It held my limiting beliefs, my insecurities, the lies I told myself about life and about myself.

I have courageously braved this shrouded place. Where I once saw fear and smallness and certain death, I now see hope and possibility and strength.

They say that our greatest weakness can become our greatest strength, and I believe that this is the gift of the darkness.

It's funny that this season of darkness (I have had many) has come for me in the Northern Hemisphere's season of light. I'm so grateful for that. All of the heat and illumination has lit my path and given me fierce courage.

The greatest treasure that I have found here, in this underworld journey, is that I cannot believe what the voices of fear and limitation tell me. I have heard that for years. I have said this to other people. I have tested this idea in many small ways. Now I am testing it in big ways. And you know what, it really is true.

I have also met Death here. I think we have the notion of Death all wrong. When I stopped running and turned to face Death, I met a gracious doorman-ready to take your outgrown jacket and open the way to a larger room to explore. Not only does Death keep balance in Life, it is the threshold guardian to a bigger and brighter life. I have had to die to many things that I have outgrown in my life-and Death has always been gentle in relieving me of what I am shedding. I know that Death doesn't always seem gentle, but I wonder if that is another lie to question?

Thanks for hanging in there for my semi-morbid posts about the darkness in the high season of summer! This inner life is full of paradox!

Now, off to play with the kids and laugh in the rain.

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