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Healers, You are the Immune System of the Earth

Being aware of the whole world as a living, breathing, conscious presence can make living a normal life pretty difficult. I have tried many ways and strategies to attempt a normal life as a human being during this time. Some of my strategies have been successful, others have let me down. Overall, I am a highly functioning adult member of society mainly because of the incredible support I receive from the people who love me.

I get very easily overwhelmed by the work of this world. The artificial systems of power and domination feel like leeches that suck the life and magic out of this world. I have a very hard time navigating things like tax codes, the checkbook and bill writing, meal planning, etc. I am distracted by the constant stream of information that I get from the world inside of me and the world around me. During other times in history, people like me were removed from society. We were trained as Healers, Medicine Women, Shamans, Nuns, Priestesses. Our world has little tolerance for those of us who, like me, are tuned to the subtler realities of life on Earth. Because of this modern social climate, I am forced to be immersed in the day to day. It is the spiritual path of the householder, as Yogi Bhajan said. This is a key component of what he called the Aquarian Age.

I am so blessed that my husband honors my work in the world and my unique sensitivities and does what he can to help support me by tending to duties like bill paying and balancing the checkbook. We live together with my parents, which makes for an extended community of support and allows even more room for me to feel connected to the rhythms of a life tied into nature and the seasons as well as being a functioning and nurturing mother and wife.

Joanna Macy says that those of us who feel deeply the life of the Earth are not protecting the Earth, we are the Earth protecting Herself. Those of us who feel deeply the movements of the Spirit are not tuning into the Spirit, we are Spirit tuning into be human. I believe that there are record numbers of healers alive on the planet today. We are feeling so much, but lack the support systems of wise cultures to help us understand what we are experiencing. When we feel the anguish of the Earth, we think we are experiencing our own depression or despair. When we feel the trauma of the collective unconscious, we think we are experiencing repressed memories of our own trauma. The healers are suffering. We are calling ourselves by many different names in this age. We are Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, Indigos, Psychics, and the list goes on. We are attuned to the subtle energies of the world beyond the constructs of man's systems of control. For thousands of years, this attunement has been a death sentence. In some places on Earth, it still is.

As I am remembering the truth about who I am, and what I have come here to offer the world at this time, I am becoming more potently aware of the tremendous focus of energy and attention that is required to be a healer at this time in history. I sense that this reality may be on the next horizon of my healing work. There is much to do, and so much to be thankful for. If you, dear reader, are also a Healer, Shaman, Priestess, Wise Woman or any other name we use to describe our connection to the River of Life beneath the surface, I would love to hear your experiences. Please feel free to comment, or email me at

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