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Today, in the northern hemisphere, the sun reaches the Zenith of power, and ironically, the seed of the darkness begins to grow in power just after the sun's most triumphant expression of light.

This dance between light and darkness whose rhythm shapes life on Earth, symbolized beautifully in the yin/yang symbol of the Tao, happens within us as well as all around us.

We each carry the fertile, active, willful aliveness of the solar zenith, and the dreamy, soft, receptive, healing essence of the luminous darkness.

As we open ourselves to the energy of this potent axis of light and darkness, may we honor the seed that grows within the demonstration of power.

In the northern hemisphere, may we honor the growing need for rest, planning for the cold months, strategic harvest, and bonded relationships to carry us through the hard times.

In the southern hemisphere, may we honor the gentle stirring of the light that will grow in power even as the cold grows deeper over the next few months. The faith and hope that we see in the light guides our way through the passages of life's retreat from us.

And in the world of human-made things, may we know that whatever power is rising to its zenith (political, technological, ideological) the seed of its antithesis also grows. This is the way of things on earth.

The way of maturity and wisdom comes when we stop wildly floundering on the swinging pendulum of thesis and antithesis, zenith and nadir, and we begin the work of synthesis. We are the turning wheel, and rest at the center. We know the dance well, and that it all serves Wholeness.

May we honor and celebrate the energies of the axis while anchoring ourselves in the wisdom of synthesis and integration.

Blessed Solstice!!


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So beautiful - always shooting for the anchor of the here and now 💕. Thank you!

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