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The Medicine of Release

We are about to move into Aries season, which is bringing the rising fire of growth, direction, ambition, emergence. The equinox marks the balance of light and dark, and then we begin to tip toward the light. The warmth returns. The Greening spreads across the landscape. The vibrant green new leaves will begin pushing through their buds, the dogwoods and redbuds will bloom. Life will have returned.

This Spring is especially potent because we have collectively been walking in the Undeworld for the past year. We have been under the cloud of death, fear, paranoia, anger, distrust. We are emerging from stuffy and stagnant tombs. As the influx of lifeforce reanimates our congested and cortisol-filled bodies, we may notice BIG energy purges. The energy of the Underworld needs transmuted. This can feel like huge anxiety, grief, anger, or ecstatic joy and bliss and giggles. It is release, and we all do release in our own way.

Plan for this. Plan for release. Coax it out of yourself in ways that are convenient for you so that it doesn't come out sideways and hijack a perfectly good board meeting or date night or dance recital. If you have a hard time inducing emotional release for yourself, you can always enlist help. A good orgasm brings release, and so does a massage from a very skilled massage therapist. I once wept throughout the entire 90 minute massage. Reiki has also been known to bring on release. Laughing hysterically brings release as well, so you can put on a favorite comedy and laugh out the cortisol of a year of insanity. If you prefer aerobic exercise, push your workouts a little harder to get to your breakthrough point.

As the sap rises in the Maples and the Birch and the Walnut, our vitality is rising as well. And as it rises it brings our toxic sludge to the surface to be dealt with. Taking responsibility for our own sludge prevents us from projecting it on to innocent bystanders.

Happy Equinox. Blessed Ostara. Welcome Aries Season.

Image from Zodiac Journals.


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